Lake Houston Area

Lake Houston Area

Heavy Rain Forecasted for Lake Houston Area

Houston, TX - Council Member Dave Martin would like to make Lake Houston area residents aware Houston Public Works, in partnership with the Coastal Water Authority, is monitoring forecasts calling for substantial rainfall over the next several days. Lake Houston is currently at  42.11 feet and still receiving water from weekend storms. Lake Houston has a normal pool elevation of 42.5 feet. All four gates on the existing dam structure are open and will remain open with a goal of lowering the lake to 41.5 feet before the next round of rainfall. Property owners are encouraged to secure property along the shoreline. 

Lake Houston is lowered if the National Weather Service predicts greater than 3 inches of rain within a 48-hour period. To monitor Lake Houston and the forecasted rain, please click here

With questions, please contact the District E office by emailing or calling (832) 393-3008.



6-day precipitation forecast: 7 inches across the Houston Metro Area