Atascocita Fire Department

Atascocita Fire Department



About Us

All hazards emergency services provider delivering service to 25 sq mi of unincorporated Harris County. Bordered by the West Fork of the San Jacinto River to the North, Lake Houston to the East, the City of Humble to the West and the Union Pacific RR tracks to the South, we provide service to 80k residents via 3 fire stations staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We deliver MICU level EMS and world class fire service via 4 MICU ambulances, 3 fire engines and 1 ladder truck. We are an ISO Class 1 dept..


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Chief of Department - Mike Mulligan
Assistant Chief - Emergency Medical Services - Sean Conley
Assistant Chief - Fire - Sean Richardson
Battalion Chief - Brian Mulligan
Battalion Chief - David Roark
Battalion Chief - Terry Wygal
Battalion Chief - Andrew Galeucia
Battalion Chief - Derek Sandquist
AFD Station 19:  7642 Framingham Rd
AFD Station 29 located at 4000 Atascocita Rd.
AFD Station 39 located at 19219 Oak Timbers Dr.
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AFD Administrative Headquarters located at 18425 Timber Forest Dr.
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Rep/Contact Info

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Jerry Dilliard
Public Information Officer
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Chief Mike Mulligan
Chief of Department
Mary Anne Sokol
Director-HR & Finance