News Release: 11/9/2022

The Future Scientist Initiative in Humble ISD is expanding thanks to a grant from the Humble ISD Education Foundation. 

Two science teachers at Kingwood High School, Terra Farmer, and Summer Bland, are expanding the programs in which high school science students demonstrate science concepts to middle school students. 

The program currently has two days where students visit Creekwood and Riverwood Middle school, offering physical science day to eighth graders and eco day to seventh graders. A grant from the Humble ISD Education Foundation will allow the program to expand, offering a space day to sixth graders and an eye dissection and lens demonstration to fifth graders at a few elementary schools. Mrs. Farmer said the demonstrations encourage younger students to become interested in higher level science concepts they will later learn in high school. “We’re giving them something positive to look forward to and getting them excited about moving forward into middle school and high school,” Ms. Bland said.

The demonstrations directly support concepts that students will learn about in depth in high school, Ms. Bland said. Her tenth-grade students remember some of the physics concepts introduced to them in eighth grade on physical science day, she said. “It’s not just a fun day. They’ll remember it,” Ms. Bland said. “They utilize it in high school.” 

The $4,519 grant will allow the program to pay for new materials and transportation to elementary and middle schools. Expanding the reach of the program will encourage more students to get involved in science, Mrs. Farmer said. “We’re going to have a program for fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to get them excited as they journey up to high school, all the possibilities they could learn and spark their interest, and then fuel future scientists going forward,” Mrs. Farmer said. 

The Kingwood High School students that present the demonstrations are typically Science NHS members that volunteer their time, Ms. Bland said. Mrs. Farmer said this allows high schoolers to improve their presentation and communication skills. “If they are going to be a scientist, they’ve got to be able to present and explain,” Mrs. Farmer said. “It’s giving them some of those crucial skills.”

Mrs. Farmer said the demonstrations her students do are connected to the subjects that the younger students are learning about in their science classes. “Every chemistry demonstration relates back to something that they learned, and same with the physics demonstrations,” Mrs. Farmer said. “We’re doing upper-level science and application science related to what they are learning now in their grade.” 

Mrs. Farmer said she hopes the program inspires younger kids to pursue science careers in the future. “The future is in our hands,” Mrs. Farmer said. “If we can get kids inspired, who knows what they could do.”

Terra Farmer and Summer Bland received $4,519 from the Humble ISD Education Foundation to support the Future Scientist Initiative. Pictured (from left): Terra Farmer, Summer Bland, and Brady Flores, Kingwood High School Assistant Principal.

Click on the video to see these students in action.